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31 Dec

Took the train to Kamakura, a sleepy little town full of cemeteries and shrines and pudgy cats and ramen shops.

It was absolutely beautiful.

We went through this trail through the forest to reach this giant buddha statue and it took about 2 hours to get there.

This little Sweet Potato shack was at the town at the end of the trail.

They had sweet potato ice cream, chips, croquettes and pastries. So awesome.



30 Dec

Ate at one of those tempura chain restaurants and got the special which turned out to be ebi, crab leg, unagi, burdock root and okra mmmmm!

I was more excited than I should be when I saw this Pokemon themed coffee sign at McDonalds:

Basics shopping at H&M:


I love the quieter parts of Japan, all those sleepy little suburbs and quaint little houses. There was this house right off the side of Harajuku that looked abandoned. It was covered in a tangle of vines and overgrown shrubery, and when I peered over the wall the garden was insane! It was wall to wall of vegetation. It kind of creeped me out because it looked like that house in ‘The Grudge’ hahaha


27 Dec

I’m in Shinjuku!

Meet my breakfast: Japanese roasted sweet potato

Going to Harajuku today.


20 Dec

Chuck just had some old rolls of film processed.

More often than not I end up becoming the unwitting subject:


19 Dec

I love jewelry but I am super careless and the moment I bought this green ring at Granny’s Day Out I JUST KNEW that I would lose it… And one week later I  sort of did. I turned my boyfriend’s place upside down looking for it, only to stumble upon it a whole month later– LAST NIGHT while I was packing.

My mom called me up at 9pm last night and said she found a flight for 9am the next morning.

The sky was so pretty on the cab ride to the airport, it’s not a sight that I am ever awake to see:

Had fried bananas when I got home, got a haircut, and went to dinner at Nihonbashitei which is right outside my village. Their chirashi and kisu tempura was so gooood!

Look how much Uni they gave me! It was so insane. There are even hidden layers of fish under there. I hate comparing the prices of things between Manila and Singapore, it’s so depressing haha. You couldn’t get this assortment for less than $22 in Singapore, but it comes out to $10.53 (350 pesos) in Manila.

Can’t wait to see my friends and family :]

Little Children

15 Dec

Some photos from the last few weeks:

Chuck’s back home in Manila and I’m catching up on some films I’ve missed while he’s away.


15 Dec

So presh

video via: Arvida