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Merry Krampus

25 Dec

Christmas Eve dinner at Shangri la Hotel

wagyu prosciutto

fresh figs

Christmas Day: had lunch at one of the only places still open for the day at Little Tokyo

spicy wings

tempura everything

and finally, the pièce de résistance :

This beautiful, beautiful  Aquamarine Snakehead necklace by Nick von K that my boyfriend got for me (c/o his buddy Gino).

I love how grotesque the design is paired with the delicateness of the stone.

So obsessed : )

Happy Holidays, guys!



24 Dec

Stopped by for lunch at Lusso in GB5 with Chuck

Their asiago fries smelled and looked pretty terrific but were slightly undercooked on the inside.

mediterranean vegetable sandwich (mine)

Their truffle potato crisps, on the other hand, were perfect. Thin, Crispy, and with a sheen of truffle oil whose scent wafts perfectly and delicately from the plate. Very reminiscent of the way Cibo serves their chips, but with an added truffle kick.

roast lamb and zucchini threads on sourdough with strawberry jam (Chuck’s)

The service was great too, really attentive. They even gave us free little servings of chocolate mousse.

Class act.

That Sweet, That Nasty, That Gushy Stuff

12 Dec

I’ve been trolling Japanese food real hard lately.

Maguro Uni Don (take-out via Nihonbashitei)

Tsukiji on Pasay Road has these amazing and super filling specials that they change every weekend.

Negitoro Donburi

Kisu tempura

Buta Kakuni

Tarako Oroshi

Mozuku Seaweed

Breaded Japanese oysters

Eating there tonight in about twenty minutes


2 Dec

Halloween McDonald’s Run


Hotel Room, Jordan


Marta, The Dead Sea

Manila Memorial Park


Apenzeller / Traffic

Julia Margaret Cameron