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tupera tupera

17 Jan

i think this may be the best thing i’ve ever picked up at Muji.

Tupera Tupera‘s epically straight forward “Picture Work Book” is full up on pages of blank faces and sweetly illustrated stickers of cartoony noses, candy-colored eyeballs and silly facial hair with which to decorate said faces.

in short, i am in love.

i meant to give this to my nephew as a present but i kinda want to keep it.

in other news i’m going to Osaka in March !!!

planning planning planning


or is it me and the moon

3 Jan

Spent the end of the year at Tagaytay

angus rib eye steak at Verbena / lipstick from Chuck’s brother


dimsum at Shang

Tried chicken feet for the first time… kinda slimy and springy. A little too many ligaments for my taste.

roadtrip staple

seed pods and fungus

New Year’s Eve Dinner back at Verbena

chilean seabass croquette with mango-lime salsa

baby lobster tail pomodoro

pineapple sherbet w/ tagaytay rosemary

duo of braised short ribs and bistro steak w/ potato gratin, chestnuts, red cabbage

secret antique store treasures

korean omelette party

Very simply, I like the way that this year began.