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Days 1-3: Amman, Jordan

1 Nov

nifty ring + lamb shawarma

shark attack

I love how artificial everything in this shot looks. Like it’s all part of some set up in a Wes Anderson film and stop motion critters could just crawl out onto it at any moment.

camel bone cuffs and baklava

kkk back to The Walking Dead / Bored to Death kkk


Mushaboom Mushaboom

10 Aug

Spent my last week in Singapore packing up my things, saying goodbye to familiar faces and eating lots of food.

Decided to pass by The Little Dröm Store on Ann Siang Hill one more time. Just because.

Rhino ring, ho!

We also happened by BookactuallyPolymath & Crust

Uhhhh, somewhere along the way this happened too:

Finally, on the night before I left Chuck had an exhibit with two of his friends at the Night and Day Gallery.

Needless to say, it made me very sad to leave.

Head On

1 Aug

Sorry for the supreme slacking. I’ve had a lot on my plate getting ready for the move back to Manila and just generally trying to soak up as much of Singapore as I can before heading back home next week.

First of all the how awesome was the Night Festival! Hosted by the National Museum, it was held over 2 nights (the 16th and 17th of July) and allowed free admission and pretty much unlimited access to all the exhibits and special events (live bands, torture-themed amusement carnivals, flea markets, etc.)  at all the surrounding art museums from 7:30PM up till 2AM. It was amazing. I can’t ever imagine anything of this scale happening in Manila (not smoothly anyway), and I’m just so happy that I got to experience it. It’s incredible how far Singapore is trying to push itself as an arts hub; I think it’s so commendable.

Anyway, I don’t know what this says about me but my favorite by far was 8Q (aka the museum for babies).

SAM (Singapore Art Museum) which is right next to 8Q had a lot of really great contemporary art pieces that I couldn’t get enough of. We even went back both nights just to see them all again.

The craziest and most intense work though was hands down Cai Guo-Qiang‘s ‘Head On‘ at the National Museum.

Unreal. You have to have complete respect for anyone who is not only able to conceptualize this sort of thing but is also able to painstakingly recreate it time and time again in maddeningly arduous detail. Just incredible.

remember the wrecks of those elegant ships

29 Mar

In Phuket till Saturday

Sex and the City on the plane

mint lime welcome drink

Pineapple fried rice

Cashew fruit juice at a cashew farm 🙂 Super cool.

We visited this floating restaurant that you had to get to by boat and it was delicious seafood overload.

Coconut soup with shrimp and veggies mmm

Grilled snapper

K, not sure how but then this happened:

hai there!

Taking a boat to Kho Phi Phi island tomorrow morning. Thai mangoes for dinner.

Paper Fruit

3 Mar

Currently buried in X-amounts of projects for school, just FYI.

Popped by the opening for a South East Asian Art Show at Osage Gallery in Old School:

Mmm, paper fruit!

A really cool installation that included hand-made passports that you could fish out of a Crane Game for $1.

We were really bummed that we missed Louie Cordero’s exhibition last month, but we managed to grab a copy of his poster:

Pretty sick! I wish I had money to start buying art.

Something Good Can Work

21 Feb

Maybe you’ve seen “Akihabara Majokko Princess“, the just released Kirsten Dunst / Takashi Murakami short directed by McG (lol) that was shot around Tokyo last year.

I can almost guarantee that the one thing you didn’t see in this video was this eager Maid Cafe chick who, out of all the 127,000,000 people in Japan, happens to be the exact same one that we took a picture with in Akihabara:

My boyfriend says I’m just being racist but I can 100% guarantee that she’s the same person!

Ah, Japan, will your wonders never cease?

Be Good or Be Gone

16 Jan

These were taken on the 31st of December, the last day of our trip and the only time I was able to explore on my own.

Fresh Tempura & Kakiage on the street. Yum!

Ventured further into the cemeteries and shrines around the area. So beautiful.

There was an abnormally long queue winding out of Wendy’s for some reason:

Turns out it was for a Y500 burger that they’d launched that day

Edit: It’s been pointed out to me that the long lines were actually in honor of it being Wendy’s last day in all of Japan, which when you think about it, is really kind of sad in a nostalgic, end of a fast food decade sort of way.

Made a pit-stop for one last bowl of that awesome unagi/crab leg/ ebi tempura:

Thinking about it now, I die 😦

The Visual Merchandising for the window displays of Isetan was so wonderful. They blew up these Japanese illustrations and arranged the products in the foreground to resemble what was happening in the image.

My favorite one was of this Japanese woman dropping her sandal to escape a summer shower. To mime the image they scattered a few Marni’s across the floor and it was just so simple and effective, I’d stop to look at it every time I passed by.

Strawberry Shortcake is traditionally eaten around Christmas time in Japan.

I got this one from the food basement at Isetan:

The sponge cake was light and the cream and strawberries were super fresh. It was perfect.