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Flash Delirium

28 Apr

Spent the morning yesterday assisting Chuck for a lookbook shoot in a woodsy area of Potong Pasir.

I think it’s going to turn out really really cool when it’s done 🙂

Here are a coupla behind the scenes shots that I took:

There were so many spiderwebs like this one all over the field! I felt really bad because I know we must have destroyed so many little spider homes trekking through it. They were so pretty with the dew glistening off them.



Something exciting is in the air, but I don’t want to jinx it just yet.



24 Apr

Passed by the new Parco wing at Marina Square tonight to check out the:

Plastic Vases and Pop Up Wallets

Then we made our way to the Next Next section that houses all the young designers, and we checked out some friends’ stores like Mae Pang and Veliani.

Veliani was at her shop and she had the coolest specs framed in wax drippings. It was so clever and amazing!

Afterwards we went up to the 3rd floor and there was a tiny Japanese store selling noodles and crackers and candies and drinks. It made me really nostalgic for our trip last year, and I searched in vain for some peach juice or yuzu tea like I’d had in Tokyo :{ They didn’t have any so I settled on some peach hard candies.

Finally we had a last minute dinner at this ramen shop called Nantsuttei which was totally unplanned, but it was so full of people and we were too curious we couldn’t resist.


I got the regular ramen with an extra egg, and the broth was so good! It’s cooked Tonkotsu style (just like the bowl I had at the Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama) which I never see here in Singapore.


A good sign that ramen is legit is when I finish all the soup like I did tonight. And I say that with all sincerity because I usually really hate soup.

For a second during the meal I pretended I was still in Shinjuku and that we’d just ducked into a ramen shop for a brief moment of wonderful hot soup before having to go back out into the biting cold.

It makes me sad sometimes. I really wish I were still there.

Cold Dust Girl

12 Apr

Took a roll of black and white film on a test shoot with Olesya, a coltish young Russian model.

Quite happy with how it turned out. Kind of quiet and eerie. Thinking of shooting more every so often.

The last shot is my favorite.

Edit // Chuck’s set is up on his blog and it’s beautiful:

Perfect Score

11 Apr

Scored these two amazing vintage purses. Can’t believe my luck, I think they’re so dope.

My one class this week got cancelled. Looks like more Californication ayiyi

Thanoon Seafood

2 Apr

More food wank, sorry.

Thursday: Took a 15 min. cab ride to Thanoon Seafood which is really small, breezy and right by the water. They also have these manmade little pools where they keep all their fresh seafood

I was really shocked cos I didn’t even know you could eat horseshoe crab… I’ve only ever seen these guys at aquariums.

Our M.O. was to eat some delicious Sea Mantis though, which I’ve read are also called ‘Thumb Splitters’, and in hindsight I think this is what might’ve happened to the guy who fished ours out for us. I saw him looking sorely at a broken net and his finger, yikes.

More on this guy later


Fried snapper with peanuts

You can see how hard my mom and Joel are concentrating on their food.

Squid in salted egg batter

Spicy papaya side salad

Okay, on to the Sea Mantis… you can see where they get their name from. They bear a pretty icky resemblance to preying mantises which might put some people off if not for the fact that they taste pretty great.

Kind of like a combination of prawn and lobster.

There isn’t really much meat inside, but the timpla (preparation) of the crispy / mushy garlic goes so well with its flavor that it just kind of melts in your mouth.

Shit, good stuff!

Wouldn’t mind staying another week more.

Kin Dee

2 Apr

Wednesday: Had lunch at a local restaurant here in Phuket called ‘Kin Dee‘ that was absolutely fantastic.

It’s set on a deck that overlooks some mangroves and the waitress was the chef’s sister 🙂

Golden triangles filled with dried crab meat

Freaking amazing shrimp cakes stuffed with whole shrimp

sooooooo fresh and soooo good

Duck with delicious, fresh green peppercorns (which I have to admit I enjoyed more than the duck)

Soft-shell crab in curry powder

Kin Dee’s signature fried fish w/ keffir limes, chillis, cashews and herbs (fyi we’re eating this again today for lunch)

Fresh leaves for wrapping the fish meat

They ran out of coconut ice cream, so my brother got their sticky rice dessert topped with vanilla instead

Finally finally, this ‘Floating Lotus’ dessert, which is essentially similar to Ginataan; sweet coconut milk soup with teeny balls of sweet potato and yam wrapped in a thin layer of dumpling dough.