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Save Ferris

28 Nov

I didn’t tell Chuck at the time but I was trying to recreate this scene from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ outside the theater


Young Adult Friction

27 Nov

Some photos by Chuck that I got to style:


27 Nov

Why is it that French / Italian publications always get it right?

Emile Hirsch in Italian GQ via: ONTD

Je ne sais quoi

26 Nov

Vanessa Paradis in French Elle via: ONTD

On the Cliff by the Sea

21 Nov

I’ve been having recurring dreams about tidal waves over the past few years… twice even within the span of these last two weeks.

I’m watching ‘Ponyo‘ at this very moment and these scenes make me feel strange.


19 Nov

RIP Daul Kim

Say it ain’t so :'{

via: ontd

Last Night

16 Nov

Almost didn’t go cos I was beattt, but here are some shots I took of Chuck shooting 2/3 of the Misshapes:

It is really striking to me how much Leigh Lezark looks and sounds like Emma Stone in person haha

Blurghhgh don’t know how I’m waking up for class in 4 hours.