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Something Good Can Work

21 Feb

Maybe you’ve seen “Akihabara Majokko Princess“, the just released Kirsten Dunst / Takashi Murakami short directed by McG (lol) that was shot around Tokyo last year.

I can almost guarantee that the one thing you didn’t see in this video was this eager Maid Cafe chick who, out of all the 127,000,000 people in Japan, happens to be the exact same one that we took a picture with in Akihabara:

My boyfriend says I’m just being racist but I can 100% guarantee that she’s the same person!

Ah, Japan, will your wonders never cease?



20 Feb
Worked on a polaroid shoot for Juice with Chuck the other day.
It turned out so good, can’t wait to see when it comes out next month :]

Here’s a short video of the shoot that I put together:

Of Walt and Men

17 Feb

You crazy for this one, LOST.

St. Vincent

14 Feb


Chuck got me some really wonderful, creative jewelry from Blackmarket for Valentine’s:

ring by Vanessa Ward

braided leather and chain necklace by Elohim

porcelain necklace / rings by Andree Weschler

Most of our favorite restaurants were closed for the Chinese NY, but we managed to get a table at PS Cafe on Dempsey:

TRUFFLE FRIES HOLLAAAAAAA (this was the genuine highlight of our meal)

Chuck ordered the BBQ Ribs (he loved them) and I had the Prawn Tortiglioni (which I didn’t really care for too much), and then we split some yummy Banana Cream Pie even though we were super full.

Then we took home the leftover fries and ate them while watching Zombieland in bed.

Good times!

Roma Ro Ma Ma

13 Feb

Yay for yellow peaches and the perks of internship!

Chuck says it makes me look like I just ate a pack of Pocky though hahaha

Anyway Valentine’s falls on the same day as Chinese New Year and every single lovely restaurant we want to go to is closed, so we’re going to PS Cafe tonight for a pre-Valentine’s Dinner instead.

4 Day weekend ahead Yesssss!

Dog Days Are Over

10 Feb

Here’s a short video I took from the Florence show 🙂


8 Feb

Busy weekend!

Went with Chuck to a party where we had to wear masks, so this happened:

So meta.

Next was Calvin Harris at Zouk with the Blackmarket guys and it was packeddddd!

Sunday we stopped by again for the Zouk flea market, which was a lot more quiet than usual:

The Hairloom & Caramel people had a stall and we bought a Peanut Butter Nutella cupcake from them, mmmm

Then at 8 we went over to the Esplanade to catch Florence and the Machine + The xx!!!

The xx was good, but I thought they should have played a longer set. It makes sense that they’re still starting out though. People went absolutely nuts over Basic Space hahaha

Florence Welch was brilliant. Her voice was amazing and she’s such a fucking performer!

Good weekend, lots left to do!