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Baby, you are an asp.

25 Jun

manila hotel is actually really charming. had a nice cup of warm milk at the lobby.

‘filipino french toast’  at ucc cafe: a tasty balance of custard-dipped pandesal topped with salty-sweet longganisa

tonkatsu at tsukiji

was very graciously gifted with a beautiful pair of simple white shoes at tretorn’s opening last week.

i’ve always wanted the perfect pair of canvas shoes. the kind i’d imagine sofia coppola would wear. unconsciously i think i even tried to model this after the shot of converse sneakers in marie antoinette:

well, vaguely.

rock lobster linguine

have become re-obsessed (not an actual word) with ‘dress me like a clown’ by margot & the nuclear so and so’s. says i’ve listened to it, oh, ONLY ABOUT 90 TIMES, but somehow i’d forgotten all about it until now.


youth knows no pain

18 Jun

finally ombre’d my hair this morning

… and other things!

like the most amazing dinner last night at el cirkulo

spinach salad w/ chicharon


crispy pata 

paella w/ chanterelle mushrooms, rosemary, thyme and pancetta

white chocolate bread pudding

some kind of chocolate wonderfulness


oh yeah, follow me on tumblr!

i’m new.

the stars are trembling silver strings

13 Jun

spent the weekend at tagaytay

rice w/ kimchi

weekend accessories

whole wheat croissant w/ honey

there are only 2 things i want out of this year: to get a tattoo and to travel.

i read you like a poem or a holy book

3 Jun

i’m sorry i’ve been so MIA, i’ve just been going through a really rough time.

but not everything has been terrible, far from it even, and i’d be a complete ingrate to have it come off that way. i’ve been working for the past two months now as the Associate Fashion Editor at a magazine here in the philippines and it’s been such a wonderful experience : ) it’s really such a huge milestone for me because i used to space out hardcore in high school trying to imagine what it would be like to hypothetically work for a magazine, and here i am actually getting paid to do it! it’s unreal. i don’t generally like to speak at length about my personal life but there are very few things that i’ve really put my heart into and been proud of and this is one of them at the moment.

okay okay, less talking, more pictures.

fish & chips

cat scapula necklace by os accessories

mini burgers at topshop opening

best purchase ever from space encounters


blue cheese puffs

catfish salad

astrud shoes at sapato manila

things can be swell if you let them be.

sometimes anyway.