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Baby, We’ll Be Fine.

26 Jun

Spent a week in Japan last April.

Hida, Gifu (飛騨市)

roast beef sushi

shinkansen meals

overnight snow

japanese tv

Nagoya (名古屋市)

ice cream eyes

Osaka (大阪)

sakura fever

floresta nature donuts



21 Apr

definitely the most beautiful, scenic stop on our trip.

sakura (cherry blossom) flavored ice cream

for Y550 you can take a 15 min. hike up to the top of Mt. Arashiyama where there’s a little monkey outpost : )

you can sit inside, buy some monkey treats (grapes, peanuts or apple slices), and feed the little buggers by hand.

am i the only one fascinated by this?

the monkeys were actually really chill and docile, which was a huge relief to me. going up the hike i was kind of concerned by warning signs that kept re-iterating certain ground rules like: 1) don’t feed them outside food, 2) don’t look at them in the eye or stare at them, 3) don’t touch them, etc.

money. shot.

had a healthy lunch at a restaurant in town the specialized in making soy-based dishes (

soy milk broth

beancurd sheets over rice with vegetables. very delicately flavored.

yuzu tree + bamboo forest


definitely worth a night or two’s stay in the future.


21 Apr

took the train to kobe with one thing on our minds:


the beef was cooked in garlic oil and loads of butter on a teppanyaki grill, and the chef very smartly served it in little batches so that it never had a chance to cool on your plate.

i would have preferred the cut to be a little more marbled, but it was still really lovely, juicy and tender.

sup Totoro

wandered into some sort of Kewpie Store / museum which was equal parts odd and awesome

we also passed by this little chinatown street where they had little cups of mashed sweet potato:

soooo yummy : )

obv jealous of my sweet potato steez, my brother picked up these glazed, crunchy guys:

didn’t get to experience too much of Kobe, but i’d definitely come back to explore more of it in the future!

holy crap, you guys.

5 Apr

my bandwith just got murderlized!

all the pics should be back to normal by the 12th, so no new posts till then i guess : )

here are some inspirational shots from a few japanese magazines/lookbooks that i picked up on my trip:

Urban Research, Women’s Spring 2011

Vogue Girl, shot by Gia Coppola

Ships, Women’s Spring 2011

Journal Standard, Spring 2011


oh yeah, i noticed 80% of japanese dudes dress like Tintin, who i really enjoyed catching up with on tv over there.

Randa, Spring 2011

i think this has to be the most beautiful editorial i’ve seen in a long time:

Brutus Magazine

sigh. more Brutus:

i bought this brown kewpie for Y65 and i thought it would be appropriate to stick him next to this blackface editorial:

kurt hummel vibes from the model, no?


walking around japan i noticed a few tote bags being worn over and over again by girls in quick circulation; the most popular of which seemed to be a very particular anna sui.

the culprit behind this phenomenon turned out to be ‘e-mooks’, a magazine-catalog hybrid that is issued by brands and come with a free gift (most ostensibly, of course, a cute, cheaply made tote)… the entire thing hinges on the idea that you get to keep a little something from your favorite brand for a fraction of what it would normally cost.

this bag came with the Figue e-mook for Y750:

i remember seeing a particularly stylish girl on the train carrying a tote with a braided hair pattern on it and thinking it was oddly adorable… i was so happy to find that it was actually an e-mook by muchacha-ahcahcum

the rest of the pics on the blog should be back up by the 12th so till then, i’m sorry for the eyesore!

Nishiki Market + Shinyogoku-dori

27 Mar

The Nishiki Market in Kyoto is part-wet market, part-street food paradise. The perfect place, in my opinion, to walk up and down around lunchtime to take little bites of everything and explore.


fresh hotate (scallops)

lightly caramelized sweet potatoes. perfectly crunchy on the outside,super soft on the inside.

soft shell turtle sadness : (

Perpendicular to Nishiki is the Shinyogoku-dori shopping district, which is pure awesomesauce.

Chicago Harajuku Thrift Store

super cute shop

Urban Research

Kitano Shop

this little aquarium of axolotls stood in front of an arcade for some reason

still not entirely sure why, but loooooooook at them! i’ve always wanted one.

Kyoto Station

chestnut mont blanc

mom had steak while my brother and i went for chirashi

after lunch we took a walk to this garden nearby. you had to pay Y500 to get in and i can’t recall its name, but it was completely beautiful. we didn’t think we would reach the cherry blossoms in time for our trip, but when we got there they had just started to bloom.

gay picture is gay, i know. they smelled really sweet though.

around this time i started noticing that i felt kind of disoriented, and developed a dull sort of headache which i quickly brushed off. we started getting one or two random text messages asking if we were okay because an earthquake had just hit the japan. now if you know anything about filipinos, you’ll know that tiny things (unfailingly) like to send us into a text-sending frenzy, so we brushed those off as well.

sat down at a UCC and everyone seemed completely calm, so we didn’t think that anything was out of the ordinary.

cafe latte with ichigo cream

sakura (cherry blossom) cream waffle

it wasn’t until we got back to our hotel that the scale of the earthquake started to dawn on us. the tv in the lobby was on and the first thing i remember seeing was a massive amount of water with these giant steamer ships in it that sat on top of where it looked like buildings used to be. a couple of panicked looking foreigners had gathered in the lobby and were presumably busy tweeting/texting frantically. we didn’t have time to really absorb everything because we had to catch the 4pm train back to osaka. when we got there that night and turned on the tv it was really heartbreaking to see how much damage was inflicted on the north east of japan, especially on Sendai.

we were really lucky that because of where we were when it happened, we didn’t feel a thing. some people that we talked to in both kyoto and osaka even said that their buildings started swaying. i really can’t stress enough how much i respect the japanese for the way they conducted themselves in the face of such a terrible thing, and for how determined they are to rebuild everything after the earthquake. being able to visit all these little towns throughout our trip helped me see how much of a loss it really is for them not just in terms of the human casualties, but also culturally; losing these places that, however rural or far away, the japanese people have really taken so much painstaking effort to preserve. : (


19 Mar

Citadines Kyoto

took a trip to the tiny town of Kurama, which was freeeezing

at the bottom of one of the temples was a little restaurant where we popped in for dinner

soba with seasonal vegetables

train spying:

I see you, Japanese Max Fischer.

Gion, Kyoto:

one of the restaurants had this lewd little shrine that i thought was so cute and  funny


Sapporo x Royce Chocolate Beer

dear deer

16 Mar

took the train to Nara

“It’s awful for people!”

the ultra modern Nara Deer Support Club

fantastic lunch at Izasa

their sushi was so simple and wonderful. you could taste the flavors of the leaves that they were wrapped in.

warmed up at the super cute  Ban Inoue while waiting for the Fire Cleansing Festival to begin

matcha milk tea

i picked up this little deer at one of the temples… it’s supposed to hold my fortune in its mouth : )