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Lily of the Valley

23 Oct

I know I’m late to the game but the Breaking Bad finale just melted my brain.

i imagine every single best actor / supporting actor emmy nominee felt like Gus Fring at the end of that episode.

anyway i saw Tahiti 80 this weekend! so tight and so very french.

def recommend

… also i got bangs




Putting Out the Fire with Gasoline

16 Oct

so I turned 24 !

necklace from culte femme and ring from Israel (one year ago!)

celebrated with some killer dry aged steaks @ Mamou in Serendra

cinnamon saba (banana)

red parsley rice

me and my bro going H.A.M. on the steak

AAA = Attack the Block, American Horror Story, Always Sunny

i know people hate American Horror Story but i’m a sucker for anything horror related and i think it’s so brills seeing it play out in a serial format.

plus: Dylan McDermott is still hot. i used to randomly watch The Practice in high school (let that sink in a bit) and Bobby dude is still packing! Still making terrible woman choices, but still packing. plus plus: i really dig Tate’s outfits. i wanna dress like a Kurt Cobain creeper too 😦

i’m sure i’ve made my stance known on how October is just about the best month of the entire year (Halloween! Birthday! Manila Restaurant Week!) and so far this one has been kicking some serious ass. i even magically have Celebrity Ghost Stories on every night before i go to bed on the bio channel, it’s so unreal.

oh yeah, luke treadway is so funny and so hot in Attack the Block. i can’t even…

(unrelated Jason Schwartzman channeling Marty McFly for good measure)

i didn’t realize until i started putting these photos together that i’ve been eating like some kind of benevolent gastro king lately.

cranberry vodka + truffle popcorn @ opus

mushroom consomme with crispy confit chicken wing & porcini flan

quail and bacon ravioli w/ mushrooms, leeks, truffle foam

party down

pea and truffle espresso soup w/ fleuron @ lolo dad’s

raspberry basil sherbet – check out the mist from the dry ice inside the pot!

to top off this wonderful birthday week, i just had a package delivered from Urban Outfitters today that I remember canceling and getting refunded for– over 2 years ago!

BDG sheer top, Guam by Crumley necklace

so essentially i got this for free.

um, thanks 2009 Sam. thanks universe. thanks October!!!