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30 Jun

For our Final Marketing Project at school, we were asked to create, manufacture and market a brand of our choosing ideally from scratch. The result of this 6 month project was Elusive, a footwear collection born and bred within Singapore that we hoped could compete with local fashion retailers.

A lot of sweat and hard work went into the creation of our mock brand from start to finish, and I really can’t stress enough what a great experience the entire (if arduous) thing was. I couldn’t have accomplished it on my own without my friend, Daud, and the rest of our little group-turned-family.

I know you kind of had to be there to see how genuinely proud I am of the whole thing and how it came together, but hopefully you’ll get a sense of this when you see the following images that Chuck helped us shoot for our 2010 “Campaign”. Yes, we went through a lot of shit to get the whole thing off the ground, but ultimately we went through it together and came out the better for it. And that’s something I will honestly, honestly never forget 🙂

photographer: Chuck Reyes / art direction: Samantha Potenciano (me) / styling: Daud Gultom & Ita Achjadi / set design: Marshiella Apriani / photo assistant: Derrick Ng / extra assistance: Shelvy, Nessy & Angeline / model: Olesya


i’m a creep

30 Jun

Spent the afternoon at a test shoot with Chuck– our second one in four days!

Lately I’ve been winding down from graduation and getting used to the hustle of looking for a job / making life plans which honestly, I could do without but the fact of the matter is I am so over the idea of schoolwork that I’m also kind of relieved.

Anyway it’s 5am and I’m still craving the yakitori meal my mom took me to at Kamado Japanese Wood Fire.

hi chicken wings

hi peppers, hi wagyu

hi shisamo, hi shitake


k back to life

Nothin’ in the world can stop me worryin’ ’bout that girl

23 Jun

For our final major project at school I literally had two days to come up with a last minute video lookbook for our proposed footwear brand. Shot at Know It Nothing‘s store in Haji Lane with clothes on loan from Reckless Ericka, I’m so happy with the way it turned out. The model, Solange, turned out to be a ballet dancer which was a godsend considering how graceful her limbs look stretching out in front of and curling under her in our heels.

Will post pics from our other shoot for this project in a bit, but in the meantime here is the video, lovingly shot and edited in a pressure cooker amount of time:


20 Jun

Revving up for Graduation next week, so my schedule is pretty crazy at the moment.

Few things sustaining me these last few weeks: grocery store Chirashi

More eating over at Food for Thought:

and load and loads of rosemary any kind of  french fries.

a sunday kind of love

7 Jun

Found ourselves surprisingly awake on a Sunday morning (a rare occurrence happening only every other millenia) so Chuck and I went out to grab a nice, hearty breakfast at Food for Thought next to the 8Q Museum.

My order: Creamy scrambled egg with thyme hash browns

These little hash brown balls were so cute. Crisp coat on the outside and soft hot mash on the inside. I asked for ketchup to go with them and they gave me a homemade tomato sauce side which was even better : )

Chuck’s order: Bacon and scrambled eggs on a toasted brioche

We’d been craving legit pancakes for a loooong time, so we also split an order of mixed berry pancakes.

Afterwards, we walked around the area checking out a couple museums (National Museum’s 1960 exhibit), flipped through tons of magazines at Kinokuniya, and finally capped the day off with yummy Tonkatsu sandwiches at Takashimaya.

Days like this make me feel like I’m getting older.

But in a good way.