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1 Aug

Photography: Chuck Reyes / Styling & Polaroids: Me (Sam Potenciano) / Model: Hana Sigutova (Upfront)/ Hair & Makeup: Joie Leong / Clothes & Accessories: Soon Lee and Ohm Mani / Location: Cafe Fables and Bar Stories (A Thousand Tales)



6 Jul

photos: chuck / styling: me / model: Taisiya Popova (upfront) / location: knowitnothing

jackets: gian romano, frufru & tigerlily (via blackmarket) / bodysuit: nathanael ng yong sheng / shoes: shito

Roxy Music

2 Jul

This was a nice shoot to work on. Really sunny, right by the water, lots of fat little skater kids desperately trying to scrape their way out of the bowl. Tiring for sure, but also kind of relaxing.

photos: chuck / stylist: aaron kok / stylists assistants: me & rita / photo assistant: derrick ng / model: bailee


30 Jun

For our Final Marketing Project at school, we were asked to create, manufacture and market a brand of our choosing ideally from scratch. The result of this 6 month project was Elusive, a footwear collection born and bred within Singapore that we hoped could compete with local fashion retailers.

A lot of sweat and hard work went into the creation of our mock brand from start to finish, and I really can’t stress enough what a great experience the entire (if arduous) thing was. I couldn’t have accomplished it on my own without my friend, Daud, and the rest of our little group-turned-family.

I know you kind of had to be there to see how genuinely proud I am of the whole thing and how it came together, but hopefully you’ll get a sense of this when you see the following images that Chuck helped us shoot for our 2010 “Campaign”. Yes, we went through a lot of shit to get the whole thing off the ground, but ultimately we went through it together and came out the better for it. And that’s something I will honestly, honestly never forget 🙂

photographer: Chuck Reyes / art direction: Samantha Potenciano (me) / styling: Daud Gultom & Ita Achjadi / set design: Marshiella Apriani / photo assistant: Derrick Ng / extra assistance: Shelvy, Nessy & Angeline / model: Olesya

La Biblioteca

29 May

Chuck’s photos from the test shoots that I styled are up up up



Trois: click click click

Young Lions

25 May

Test shoots, test shoots, test shoots

These are from the 2 rolls of film that I snuck in, in between Chuck’s set (which should be up in a bit).

The first model, Zaga, reminds me of a leggy, young Erin Wasson / Coco Sumner hybrid:

Very very fresh faced, which I adore : )

Top: Proud Race at Blackmarket

The second model, Danielle, was all soft and golden haired:

Shredded Tee: Proud Race at Blackmarket

Zip Strap Tank (Proud Race) & Necklace (Erica Weiner): Blackmarket

Fun shoots. We were really lucky to get to work with Zaga and Danielle (roomies at the Looque apartment). They  were super chill and easy to work with, which is always great. I’m pretty sure they’ll do great wherever far flung little island or major cosmopolitan city they end up in next : )

Matryochka Doll

12 May

My video from last Friday’s shoot with Katiusha:

And here are the final polaroids that Chuck managed to whip up for Rita (the designer)

I love that they’re so fun and warm;  just a kid playing dress up in colorful clothes 🙂

Photographer: Chuck Reyes

Designer: Li Sang (Rita)

Makeup: Zid

Video: Me