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2 Dec

Halloween McDonald’s Run


Hotel Room, Jordan


Marta, The Dead Sea

Manila Memorial Park


Apenzeller / Traffic

Julia Margaret Cameron


Days 6 – 8: Jerusalem / Via Dolorosa

19 Nov

Stopped by the popular Abu Shukri on the Via Dolorosa for lunch. Apparently their hummus is rather famous, but I found myself in love with their exceptionally cooked falafel. Probably the best I’ve had on the trip- slash- ever.

Best Packaging y/n?

hey momma

Wailing Wall Notes + a lovely gift from my 9 year old cousin

olive flava flav chips

qt pie

I wanted to title this post ‘Clash at Demonhead‘ but decided against it… only because all the other Israel posts were all informative and it would be too confusing in terms of continuity. Also I finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and I can’t stop listening to Brie Larson’s cover of Black Sheep by Metric.


Days 3-5: Israel

8 Nov

Woke up really early in the morning, took the bus, and crossed the border from Jordan into Israel. Literally wasn’t anyone there aside from our tour group, and the whole thing was quick(ish), efficient, and not shady whatsoever.

Decidedly more shady though was getting completely singled out and randomly searched by the Israeli guards; although I have to add that it sounds like a bigger deal than it ¬†actually was. They were all young and chill and just ready to go on their break, so they didn’t really give me that hard of a time. I’m such a thug.

Straight into Israel we stopped for a well prepared meal of lamb kebabs, turkish coffee and these amazingly sweet green apples.


Fresh pomegranate juice

Little Asian Jesus

Cherubic John Travolta

Falafel… about the only thing on the trip that surprisingly I didn’t get sick of.

Delicious tahini halva

Aside from scores of people being baptized, the Jordan River is also teeming with tons of big catfish that like to nip at people’s feet and get fed with random things like potato chips. Ecologically questionable, but also very entertaining to watch.

The tour guides were straight up pimping this dish called ‘St. Peter’s Fish’ which my mom and half the group got suckered into. The overall consensus was that it was really just your run-of-the-mill tilapia, deep fried but without any kind of seasoning… Totally not worth the $20 price tag, which was about the average cost of meals throughout the trip.

On the 10th we headed to Canna for my cousin’s wedding in a beautiful, idyllic little church that you had to walk along these cobble stone streets to get to. Very wonderful and scenic, and his wife, Peaches, was so gorgeous in her dress.

Peaches and her pops.

I was also particularly fond of their decision to select the theme song from Up as their Wedding March.

:’ )

Days 1-3: Amman, Jordan

1 Nov

nifty ring + lamb shawarma

shark attack

I love how artificial everything in this shot looks. Like it’s all part of some set up in a Wes Anderson film and stop motion critters could just crawl out onto it at any moment.

camel bone cuffs and baklava

kkk back to The Walking Dead / Bored to Death kkk

Iz Rael

22 Oct

Shalom! Back from my 11 day trip to Jordan / Israel and am feeling increasingly lazy to blog the gazillions of pictures that I’ve taken on it. The whole thing was entirely beautiful, and I’m so glad that I was able to reach that side of the world, if only for a brief period of time.

Here are some film pictures that I’ve taken with my Contax T2. I’m actually so pleased with the way they came out, I wish I’d spent more time using it versus my G11 (yuck, I am sounding more and more like my boyfriend).

Will update at a less glacial pace in the next few days.