30 Dec

Ate at one of those tempura chain restaurants and got the special which turned out to be ebi, crab leg, unagi, burdock root and okra mmmmm!

I was more excited than I should be when I saw this Pokemon themed coffee sign at McDonalds:

Basics shopping at H&M:


I love the quieter parts of Japan, all those sleepy little suburbs and quaint little houses. There was this house right off the side of Harajuku that looked abandoned. It was covered in a tangle of vines and overgrown shrubery, and when I peered over the wall the garden was insane! It was wall to wall of vegetation. It kind of creeped me out because it looked like that house in ‘The Grudge’ hahaha

2 Responses to “Harajuku”

  1. pink horrorshow December 30, 2009 at 8:23 PM #

    I was craving italian for lunch, now I think I’m going to have to order something asian so I can eat rice haha. That photo looks so good.

    • ofsaltandsea December 31, 2009 at 2:53 AM #

      omg i’ve been eating wayyyy too much rice here! it’s so sticky and amazing you can’t stop.

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