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29 Jul


You know, I have thought, while looking at him, that he was exactly what Hitler was trying to achieve.

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23 Jul

Some pictures taken with my contax T2.

Buying Principles is killing me. My heart goes out to every Fashion Buyer in the world.

Vlad the Impaler

23 Jul

The combination of Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade never fails to make me happy.

Food Woes

19 Jul

 Thanks for the photo, shitty restaurant. May our paths never cross again.

Bang Bang

12 Jul

‘The Brothers Bloom’



A very very ambitious second film on Rian Johnson’s part– but maybe a little ambition is good. The noirish elements (see: the scene where Penelope first meets the Belgian in the shadows of the freighter) are what he continues to excel in, and he does display a great knack for bringing out really touching performances from the each of the cast.

bang bang

Rinko Kikuchi was so fluid and Charlie Chaplin-esque in her comedic timing and ability to express so much with barely any dialogue.

Plus points for looking incredibly sharp in all those furs and pantsuits :}