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La Biblioteca

29 May

Chuck’s photos from the test shoots that I styled are up up up



Trois: click click click


Young Lions

25 May

Test shoots, test shoots, test shoots

These are from the 2 rolls of film that I snuck in, in between Chuck’s set (which should be up in a bit).

The first model, Zaga, reminds me of a leggy, young Erin Wasson / Coco Sumner hybrid:

Very very fresh faced, which I adore : )

Top: Proud Race at Blackmarket

The second model, Danielle, was all soft and golden haired:

Shredded Tee: Proud Race at Blackmarket

Zip Strap Tank (Proud Race) & Necklace (Erica Weiner): Blackmarket

Fun shoots. We were really lucky to get to work with Zaga and Danielle (roomies at the Looque apartment). They  were super chill and easy to work with, which is always great. I’m pretty sure they’ll do great wherever far flung little island or major cosmopolitan city they end up in next : )

Previously on LOST

24 May

hahaha is the universe trying to tell me something?

i hit pause to say something to chuck and noticed that the exact moment on screen was awfully similar to a window i had open.

is this real life?


15 May

Fuuuuuuu… a Simpsons challenge on Top Chef Masters!

The chefs were asked to prepare dishes based on the personalities of different Simpsons characters that they’d chosen at random (including Moe, Chief Wiggum, Apu, and the fam) and the dishes were judged by Matt Groening, Hank Azaria and one of the producers.

I’ve read the Marge dish described as a “Marge Simpson Porkchop Zombie” online hahahahhaa

People love to bitch about how much the Simpsons has declined over the last 10 years, and while it is definitely well past its prime I can’t help but reserve a tender place in my heart for it; still devoting time every Monday to watch the latest episode (no matter how uneven or waningly funny).

Formative years weaned on VHS tapes filled with hours and hours of the Simpsons (see: Bonestorm, Sideshow Cecil, Jubjub, the Monorail, Hank Scorpio, Fluffy Goo Goo, Mulder and Scully, Jessica Lovejoy, Frank Grimes, Frank Grimes Jr., Mr. Sparkle, Rabbi Krustofski, etc etc etc) can do that to you.

Matryochka Doll

12 May

My video from last Friday’s shoot with Katiusha:

And here are the final polaroids that Chuck managed to whip up for Rita (the designer)

I love that they’re so fun and warm;  just a kid playing dress up in colorful clothes 🙂

Photographer: Chuck Reyes

Designer: Li Sang (Rita)

Makeup: Zid

Video: Me


11 May

Here are a couple of Chuck and his friend Derrick’s backstage/ fitting pics from SATURDAY’s  Blueprint show.

Daniel’s stuff is always great, and it’s nice to hear that a buyer from New York picked some of it up 🙂

Pics via: chucktakespictures


8 May

Helped out at a shoot yesterday that involved lots of feathers and polaroids.

The model, Katiusha, is one of the most stunning 15 year old creatures ever.

I can’t believe she’s only just growing into her looks.

Some of the 50ish polaroids from the shoot:

So beautiful. With the feathers strung in her hair she looked like she came out of Where the Wild Things Are.

I’ll post the final polaroids once they’re out 🙂