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21 Apr

definitely the most beautiful, scenic stop on our trip.

sakura (cherry blossom) flavored ice cream

for Y550 you can take a 15 min. hike up to the top of Mt. Arashiyama where there’s a little monkey outpost : )

you can sit inside, buy some monkey treats (grapes, peanuts or apple slices), and feed the little buggers by hand.

am i the only one fascinated by this?

the monkeys were actually really chill and docile, which was a huge relief to me. going up the hike i was kind of concerned by warning signs that kept re-iterating certain ground rules like: 1) don’t feed them outside food, 2) don’t look at them in the eye or stare at them, 3) don’t touch them, etc.

money. shot.

had a healthy lunch at a restaurant in town the specialized in making soy-based dishes (

soy milk broth

beancurd sheets over rice with vegetables. very delicately flavored.

yuzu tree + bamboo forest


definitely worth a night or two’s stay in the future.



21 Apr

took the train to kobe with one thing on our minds:


the beef was cooked in garlic oil and loads of butter on a teppanyaki grill, and the chef very smartly served it in little batches so that it never had a chance to cool on your plate.

i would have preferred the cut to be a little more marbled, but it was still really lovely, juicy and tender.

sup Totoro

wandered into some sort of Kewpie Store / museum which was equal parts odd and awesome

we also passed by this little chinatown street where they had little cups of mashed sweet potato:

soooo yummy : )

obv jealous of my sweet potato steez, my brother picked up these glazed, crunchy guys:

didn’t get to experience too much of Kobe, but i’d definitely come back to explore more of it in the future!

holy crap, you guys.

5 Apr

my bandwith just got murderlized!

all the pics should be back to normal by the 12th, so no new posts till then i guess : )

here are some inspirational shots from a few japanese magazines/lookbooks that i picked up on my trip:

Urban Research, Women’s Spring 2011

Vogue Girl, shot by Gia Coppola

Ships, Women’s Spring 2011

Journal Standard, Spring 2011


oh yeah, i noticed 80% of japanese dudes dress like Tintin, who i really enjoyed catching up with on tv over there.

Randa, Spring 2011

i think this has to be the most beautiful editorial i’ve seen in a long time:

Brutus Magazine

sigh. more Brutus:

i bought this brown kewpie for Y65 and i thought it would be appropriate to stick him next to this blackface editorial:

kurt hummel vibes from the model, no?


walking around japan i noticed a few tote bags being worn over and over again by girls in quick circulation; the most popular of which seemed to be a very particular anna sui.

the culprit behind this phenomenon turned out to be ‘e-mooks’, a magazine-catalog hybrid that is issued by brands and come with a free gift (most ostensibly, of course, a cute, cheaply made tote)… the entire thing hinges on the idea that you get to keep a little something from your favorite brand for a fraction of what it would normally cost.

this bag came with the Figue e-mook for Y750:

i remember seeing a particularly stylish girl on the train carrying a tote with a braided hair pattern on it and thinking it was oddly adorable… i was so happy to find that it was actually an e-mook by muchacha-ahcahcum

the rest of the pics on the blog should be back up by the 12th so till then, i’m sorry for the eyesore!