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20 Dec

Chuck just had some old rolls of film processed.

More often than not I end up becoming the unwitting subject:


From the Cortex to Medulla

3 Nov

Here’s a quick video I put together of my boyfriend’s shoot last night.

The quality of the thing is shitty, but the shoot itself was so fun! And Anya, the model, has one of the sweetest personalities. I remember being in California two summers ago and watching the Top Model finale thinking she would win. She’s really very good at what she does. Can’t wait to see the film when it’s processed.


31 Oct

My boyfriend’s second cover for JUICE came out yesterday!

y control

You can’t tell but I was on the sidelines blowing extra bubbles into the frame.


My mom is flying in tomorrow on a stopover to Phuket and we’re having brunch, yessssss!