21 Apr

took the train to kobe with one thing on our minds:


the beef was cooked in garlic oil and loads of butter on a teppanyaki grill, and the chef very smartly served it in little batches so that it never had a chance to cool on your plate.

i would have preferred the cut to be a little more marbled, but it was still really lovely, juicy and tender.

sup Totoro

wandered into some sort of Kewpie Store / museum which was equal parts odd and awesome

we also passed by this little chinatown street where they had little cups of mashed sweet potato:

soooo yummy : )

obv jealous of my sweet potato steez, my brother picked up these glazed, crunchy guys:

didn’t get to experience too much of Kobe, but i’d definitely come back to explore more of it in the future!


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