Bon to the Chon

20 Nov

Went to Bonchon at Ayala Triangle for lunch

Kind of sad to say I was disappointed : ( Right away I could see that it looked different physically, especially in terms of the the sauce and batter. Flavor-wise they have the soy garlic glaze down pretty well, but there’s just something lacking that separates it from the OMFG- mouth- party deliciousness of the Bonchon in Singapore.

I think a lot of it has to do with the quality of the chicken. The chicken chop was even more disappointing; but to be fair everyone else seemed to think the food was tasty, so if you’ve never had Bonchon before you’ll probably end up liking it. It wasn’t bad by far, but it definitely falls short in comparison. Hopefully they learn to perfect it.

Pom-Bluberry yogurt from Golden Spoon

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