Days 6 – 8: Jerusalem / Via Dolorosa

19 Nov

Stopped by the popular Abu Shukri on the Via Dolorosa for lunch. Apparently their hummus is rather famous, but I found myself in love with their exceptionally cooked falafel. Probably the best I’ve had on the trip- slash- ever.

Best Packaging y/n?

hey momma

Wailing Wall Notes + a lovely gift from my 9 year old cousin

olive flava flav chips

qt pie

I wanted to title this post ‘Clash at Demonhead‘ but decided against it… only because all the other Israel posts were all informative and it would be too confusing in terms of continuity. Also I finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and I can’t stop listening to Brie Larson’s cover of Black Sheep by Metric.


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