Casimir Pulaski

8 Sep

Last Saturday my brother and I decided to grab lunch at the Salcedo Weekend Market which is always super fun.

I ended up having the Inihaw na Hito (Grilled Catfish) with Paella Negra, and my brother had roast Italian chicken and little Japanese style pancake things.

So good!

Took some black and white photos of my cousins, half-siblings, extended familia a couple of Sundays ago. Film takes freaking forever to get processed and scanned over here, but on the plus side it’s also leagues cheaper compared to SG.

Finally, the box of all my errant Singaporean belongings has arrived after exactly one month and one day.

Treasures include:

a new Rhino ring to replace my original that fell on the floor and BROKE IN HALF

My silver skull ring from Japan that I had considered lost forever had my boyfriend not found it under his shelf

A couple vintage pins, magazine, tons of clothes, dvds, books, etcetera etcetera, all lovingly packed and sent.

Thanks bb!


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