30 Jun

For our Final Marketing Project at school, we were asked to create, manufacture and market a brand of our choosing ideally from scratch. The result of this 6 month project was Elusive, a footwear collection born and bred within Singapore that we hoped could compete with local fashion retailers.

A lot of sweat and hard work went into the creation of our mock brand from start to finish, and I really can’t stress enough what a great experience the entire (if arduous) thing was. I couldn’t have accomplished it on my own without my friend, Daud, and the rest of our little group-turned-family.

I know you kind of had to be there to see how genuinely proud I am of the whole thing and how it came together, but hopefully you’ll get a sense of this when you see the following images that Chuck helped us shoot for our 2010 “Campaign”. Yes, we went through a lot of shit to get the whole thing off the ground, but ultimately we went through it together and came out the better for it. And that’s something I will honestly, honestly never forget šŸ™‚

photographer: Chuck Reyes / art direction: Samantha Potenciano (me) / styling: Daud Gultom & Ita Achjadi / set design: Marshiella Apriani / photo assistant: Derrick Ng / extra assistance: Shelvy, Nessy & Angeline / model: Olesya

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