24 Apr

Passed by the new Parco wing at Marina Square tonight to check out the:

Plastic Vases and Pop Up Wallets

Then we made our way to the Next Next section that houses all the young designers, and we checked out some friends’ stores like Mae Pang and Veliani.

Veliani was at her shop and she had the coolest specs framed in wax drippings. It was so clever and amazing!

Afterwards we went up to the 3rd floor and there was a tiny Japanese store selling noodles and crackers and candies and drinks. It made me really nostalgic for our trip last year, and I searched in vain for some peach juice or yuzu tea like I’d had in Tokyo :{ They didn’t have any so I settled on some peach hard candies.

Finally we had a last minute dinner at this ramen shop called Nantsuttei which was totally unplanned, but it was so full of people and we were too curious we couldn’t resist.


I got the regular ramen with an extra egg, and the broth was so good! It’s cooked Tonkotsu style (just like the bowl I had at the Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama) which I never see here in Singapore.


A good sign that ramen is legit is when I finish all the soup like I did tonight. And I say that with all sincerity because I usually really hate soup.

For a second during the meal I pretended I was still in Shinjuku and that we’d just ducked into a ramen shop for a brief moment of wonderful hot soup before having to go back out into the biting cold.

It makes me sad sometimes. I really wish I were still there.

2 Responses to “Upular”

  1. THAT RAMEN LOOKS TASTY May 8, 2010 at 12:49 PM #


  2. ALL RAMEN IS TASTY May 8, 2010 at 3:55 PM #

    but this one especially!

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