Kin Dee

2 Apr

Wednesday: Had lunch at a local restaurant here in Phuket called ‘Kin Dee‘ that was absolutely fantastic.

It’s set on a deck that overlooks some mangroves and the waitress was the chef’s sister 🙂

Golden triangles filled with dried crab meat

Freaking amazing shrimp cakes stuffed with whole shrimp

sooooooo fresh and soooo good

Duck with delicious, fresh green peppercorns (which I have to admit I enjoyed more than the duck)

Soft-shell crab in curry powder

Kin Dee’s signature fried fish w/ keffir limes, chillis, cashews and herbs (fyi we’re eating this again today for lunch)

Fresh leaves for wrapping the fish meat

They ran out of coconut ice cream, so my brother got their sticky rice dessert topped with vanilla instead

Finally finally, this ‘Floating Lotus’ dessert, which is essentially similar to Ginataan; sweet coconut milk soup with teeny balls of sweet potato and yam wrapped in a thin layer of dumpling dough.

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