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22 Oct

Dressed a Valentino show today! I’ve never been in such close proximity to actual couture, it was pretty surreal… Plus the Italians on the Valentino team were super nice and had no airs whatsoever. It’s always pleasant to meet people like that in fashion.

The 3 looks that I got to dress
The 3 looks that I got to dress

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I find it crazy excessive that the dress cards with the polaroids just get thrown away after the show though, so I kept two of the looks that I got to dress :}


Gao Quian Ning

I also kept a few from the YSL show, which I wasn’t a part of, but it still hurt to think that the janitor was just going to throw the film away.


Deux Deux

20 Oct

Spent my birthday week in a hotel.

Here is a photo of me at 22, holding a short-lived block of caramel fudge:

My mom is so cute: even after I eat a persimmon when I wake up in the morning there’s a new one in its place hahaha

And here is Chuck eating a banana.

At this very moment (no fooling) he is watching rats fight on the neighbor’s rooftop.


19 Oct

Seeing as how so many friends I’ve made are fellow Libras (curious), it’s just been an endless string of birthdays lately– starting off with Margaritas three weeks ago:

“Let’s lay down on top of him!”

I like how every three months it feels as if no time has passed between the time we see one another :’)))


13 Oct


Awww Arnold Shwarzanegger is seriously becoming one of those silly Kindergarten Cop characters! He posted this photo of his breakfast on twitter :}

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Hong Kong

10 Oct

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10 Oct

I saw these rings by japanese tandem “e.m.” on my last day in Hong Kong.

micro pig

This is the perfect example of the kind of cheeky ridiculousness that I tend to gravitate towards when it comes to jewelry. I humbly regret not getting them.

photo via: sixsixsick


6 Oct


Those poor goddamn Rodartes!

– Grace Coddington, The September Issue